Master Stocking Distributor

Most cases, these distributors are Global Distributors that services domestic & international customers. Some may be in house supply chains that manages the Customer's store supply room.

Wholesale Distributor

Stocking distributors that services the government agencies and private companies with execellent discounts and first class service.

Channel Distributor

Non-stocking distributors that services the government agencies and private companies with Just-in-Time services.

Manufacture Representative

These representatives sells to Wholesale Distributors and they may be an Independent Contractor or employee of the manufacture they represent..

ONLINE Reseller

A non-stocking distributor that buys from a Master Wholesale Distributor at a discounted cost and services the general public.

Franchise Distributor

A stocking distributor that sells products to the Users at a discounted rate. These franchise distributors get major discounts from Master Stocking Distributors.

Cost Saving is what we do!

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Our Features

Great Tools

These are tools that allow small and mid-size companies to engage in business activities without the additional equipment or investment cost. These Cloud base services can SAVE your Company major investment cost.

Supply Catalog Development

Business Directory

AUCTION (Slow moving inventory)

Bid Request - RFP / RFQ

Cost Savings / Wish List

Quick Bid (small orders)

Payroll Support (processing)

Inventory Management (eProcurement)

Great Resources

These Resource services are made available to the member Company and staff. They are first class products and services at major discount rates.

Team Support

Legal Advisors Support.

Finance Advisors Support

Technology Advisors Support

Healthcare Advisors Support

Great Benefits

Super Benefits and Incentives.

Discounts on Products / Services


Buying Organizations

Federal Government

State Government

Local Government

Federal Government Prime Contractor

State Government Prime Contractor

Local Government Prime Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the GLOBAL Master Wholesale Distributors (MWD)?

 We are a nonprofit trade association that focus on Wholesale Distribution and Logistic streamlining processes.  This streamline process allows small and diversity business owners access to Government and Corporate entities relating to procurement.

Who can Join this Trade Association?

Wholesale Distributors and Manufacture Representatives only

What is a "Wish List" / "Cost Saving"?

This is a potential requisition request from a distributor to other distributors seeking to purchase a specific item.  The item could be too small in quanity for one distributor and another distributor may be buying this item in the future and they would combine the purchase to lower the cost of purchase.  Also, known as a "Cost Savings".

How would the "Wish List" / "Cost Saving" work?

The request is made from Wholesale to Wholesale indicating date, time, and quanitity need.  Second, after posted due date the quote is sent over to the desired manufactory and if all parties agree on quote price from the manufactory, each party would share the cost of purchase based upon their needed quanity.  The shared cost will be deposited in the Wallet and can be prepaid when the order is made.  Shipping may be shipped to various locations.

Why should you become a Member?

First, it takes a team to become successful.  Our trade association assist with government compliance, networking with buyers and vendors.  Also, our trade association provides additional professional support that may help your business grow.

What are some benefits as a Member?

Some of the benefits includes:

  • Group Insurance rate (including Healthcare)

  • 401k

  • Legal Support Services

  • TeleHealth Support Services

  • Financial Support Services

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